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Polar Explorer Careers Booklet

This resource provides an opportunity for pupils 7-11 to find out about some of the STEM careers linked to RRS Sir David Attenborough, a new ship which will be one of the most advanced polar research ships in the world. It contains six classroom activities that link to curriculum topics including:  forces, electricity, thermal insulation, animals, habitats and aspects of literacy, geography, art and D&T. All activities are based upon the new vessel, the work of the research scientists  and the many dedicated staff who support them.  It is hoped that the children, having learned about the satisfaction and excitement such work can bring, will be inspired to consider a future in a STEM-related career.
Activities are:

  • Propeller Boat Challenge 
  • Career choices-Choose a career, make a job application and attend an interview!
  • Ice Station design challenge-Testing insulation and electrical circuits
  • Stranded! -Team building and an engineering challenge
  • Team Expedition Antarctica-Design a flag and a mission badge
  • Polar Expedition board game-Set off from BAS HQ and answer the quiz questions to reach Antarctic Research Station
This resource has been provided by STEM Learning, as part of the Polar Explorer Project.

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