This collection aims to support teachers in the delivery of career-focussed lessons, particularly looking at green careers and how a STEM background makes positive innovation possible. Resources include both job- and subject-specific information packs, real-life careers case studies, practical experiments, and classroom activities across all age groups.



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This collection provides students with information on the range of careers accessible with a STEM background. Both job-specific and general subject resources are included in this selection.

This collection contains a range of careers case studies from across the STEM subjects. Inspiring individuals talk about their personal journeys and explain more about the exciting careers they have chosen.

This collection contains a selection of activities including games, quizzes, and experiments, designed to help students of all ages understand the different roles available in green careers using STEM subjects. Highlights include:

  • Polar Explorer Careers Booklet - aimed at 7-11 year...

Green engineering careers posters (secondary)

A set of six inspiring green engineering careers posters showing how engineers transform the way we travel, eat, use, power things, build and breathe. Includes suggested discussion points and homework tasks.