This collection contains a selection of activities including games, quizzes, and experiments, designed to help students of all ages understand the different roles available in green careers using STEM subjects. Highlights include:

  • Polar Explorer Careers Booklet - aimed at 7-11 year olds, this activity pack centres around the polar research ship RRS David Attenborough, allowing pupils to make a job application, design an ice station, and plan their mission as a team.
  • Investigating the Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic Food - in this experiment, students design a fair test to investigate the differences between organic and non-organic foods. Contextualised by a careers case study, the practical encourages students to consider the wider issues affecting food supply and agriculture.



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Bog Core Analysis and Climate Change

This activity looks at climate change and its effects on succession in a location in Norfolk over 12000 years ago.

Students carry out a simulation of a bog core analysis, based on work by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research together with data from the Department of Geography, University of...

Meet the EO Detectives

Earth Observation (EO) scientists collect information about the Earth – the land, the sea and the atmosphere – using sensors carried on satellites, aircraft, ships, buoys floating on the ocean and thousands of weather stations around the world. There is now a great deal of data available and scientists are finding...

Colour Changes in Ripening Fruits and Vegetables

Produced by Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS), these investigations look at how pigments change during the fruit ripening process.

The green colour of the unripe fruit is due largely to the presence of...

Coffee History and Survival

This 5-minute video interview with Dr Charlie Clutterbuck of Manchester Metropolitan University introduces students to the history and economics of coffee and the impact of a plant pathogen on coffee production.

How long will your morning coffee be...