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OrganisationNational STEM Centre
Current RoleTeacher educator

I am a Professional Development Leader in Primary STEM at the National STEM Learning Centre, based at The University of York. I also hold chartered science teacher with the ASE.
I taught in North Yorkshire schools for 14 years across the whole Primary age range, including EYFS, and lead science, design and technology, PE and ICT curriculum areas. My degree was in Biology with a specialism in genetics and I still have an interest in the current study of this exciting area.
Whilst teaching I developed a partnership with a number of schools in rural Kenya, visiting the schools, supporting teacher CPD in country and teaching the local children about British wildlife. I also spent some time working in conservation in New Zealand where I was fortunate to work alongside the Department of Conservation in their battle to save the Kiwi from predation.
I have a real passion for the natural world and David Attenborough, David Bellamy and Terry Nutkins are all heroes of mine.


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Special Educational Needs

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Roald Dahl: the champion of the STEM world

Roald Dahl’s stories have inspired generations of children, filled with extraordinary ideas, whimsical worlds and unbelievable inventions.The characters we meet face challenges in which they need creativity, imagination and perseverance to solve – skills we’d love to nurture in the children we teach.Charlie, George, Matilda, James and Danny all...


Early Years teaching: the key to teacher and pupil development

The Early Years classroom in a primary school is usually that strange colourful space at the end of the corridor where the chairs are so small and there seems to be so much going on at any one time that for the untrained observer it can seem like chaos.I know it was in my school and I was a little scared of venturing there as I really didn’t...


Making the links between English, mathematics and science

When I taught in the Early Years we never made a distinction between what subject we were learning, we were just busy learning.During a topic on transport we talked about trains, we built and then attempted to float boats, we flew planes and kites we had constructed, measured the length of our train track, wrote postcards home from our trip out on...


Bringing World Turtle Day to the classroom

There seems to be a National Day to celebrate everything nowadays, personally I am waiting for National Crisps Day. However that said, often they can be a lovely way into a topic for our children. Something that helps to focus their attention on an area that otherwise might get forgotten or mentioned briefly in passing.For example did you know...