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Skeleton Bob

The resources in this Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) collection look at the aerodynamic characteristics of objects. Students explore the requirements of aerodynamic design through testing simple shapes in a wind tunnel. The activities focus on students acquiring an understanding of aerodynamics...

Concept Cartoons: Change of State and Insulation

This concept cartoon explores student's ideas about heat and insulation. A common misconception is that some materials have the property of making things warm. In this case because we have put coats on to keep warm there is a tendency to believe that the coat will also make the snowman warm so that it will melt...

Taking a Risk

This resource from the Department for Education is designed to use and apply the uncertain and difficult nature of probability calculations in the real world through the work of an actuarial trainee. Students are provided with data on sea piracy, and use this to calculate the annual cost of piracy to the shipping...

Polar Bears in Trouble

In this Science upd8 activity students take on the role of a trainee documentary producer working for an environmental channel. The television programme scenario, ‘Bears in Trouble’, explores how rising temperatures in the Arctic could be endangering the survival of polar bears. Polar bears seem perfectly adapted...