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This selection of resources is part of the Polar Explorer Programme.


Challenging environments: keeping warm

This challenge was developed as part of the Ultimate STEM Challenge.  The students are asked to conduct an investigation to find out what type of clothing is the warmest –and most practical – to wear in freezing environments.


From the Centre for Science Education, and with support from Shell Education services, these materials help children to investigate light and reflection. A periscope is a simple device that enables children to see over walls or round corners. Rays of light hitting the mirror of the periscope are reflected twice....

Light and Sound

From Teachers TV, this video shows four examples of lessons on light and sound that are suitable for primary school children. Part of the Great Lesson Ideas series, it contains these ideas for lessons: Years Five and Six teacher David Aston, shows how glass bottles and water inspire children to think about how...

Ticket to Ride

Aimed at primary level, this pack contains nine activities on the theme of transportation. The activities investigate topics related to friction, forces, levers, earth and space, air and water resistance and areas of design and technology. Designed either for use in class or within a science week or club, the...


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