National Awareness Days

In our national awareness day collection you will find resources relating to up and coming awareness days which highlight suitable ideas and activities that could be used in lessons or STEM clubs. The resources selected cover all STEM age groups and related subjects and include one off activities for students to try or a series of lessons which relate to the theme.



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National Numeracy Day showcases numeracy in everyday life and supports confidence working with numbers. This collection of resources contains number problems suitable for classroom starter and plenary tasks, as well as more in-depth activities, including ideas for embedding numeracy skills across the curriculum....

On World Turtle day use this excellent Turtle Life Cycle game with supporting lesson plan from ARKive to introduce pupils to these reptiles, the environment they live in and how they are under threat.

Outdoor classroom day is part of a campaign to ensure that young people spend some time outdoors every day. So that schools can participate on a day that fits with their term dates, the UK and Ireland campaign celebrates Outdoor classroom cay twice each year, in May and November.

This is a collection of resources to help bring World Environment Day into the classroom. There are primary and secondary resources, relevant to a range of subjects.