National Awareness Days

In our national awareness day collection you will find resources relating to up and coming awareness days which highlight suitable ideas and activities that could be used in lessons or STEM clubs.  The resources selected cover all STEM age groups and related subjects and include one off activities for students to try or a series of lessons which relate to the theme.







To support and highlight Recycle Week in lessons there are a number of resources in this collection to engage pupils across various age ranges and parts of the curriculum.

'Race 2 Recycle' enables 9 to 11 year olds to look at the production and use of drinks cans, and discuss the environmental benefits of...

This list highlights a number of resources that could be used for by different subject areas for different age groups on World Rivers Day.  The theme of rivers covers a wide range of STEM topics from building bridges, harnessing their energy to generate electricity, to their importance in terms of the provision of...

The resources listed below can be used during Black History Month to help develop students’ understanding and awareness of the ethnic diversity of scientists.

World Space Week is a very popular STEM awareness event and there are a large number of resources available for all age groups.  This collection highlights some of the best and more topical resources to provide inspiration for lesson or STEM Club activities.

The James Webb space telescope is due to be...


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