The videos in this collection from teachers TV are aimed at secondary school science practitioners. They contain materials that can be used in the classroom, as stimulus material.

Clips in this section cover a wide range of topics, including:
* astronomy, space and the solar system
* Earth science
* genes, genetics and ethical implications
* how science works
* sound
* climate change
* elements, reactivity and the chemistry of fireworks
* renewable energy
* variation and classification



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KS3 Antarctica - Science Teachers in the Freezer

This Teachers TV film follows a group of teachers on an expedition to the Antarctica to carry out scientific research. The team will be looking for lichens in the Ellsworth Mountain region, documenting where they were found and taking samples. They will also be looking at the effects of extremely low temperatures...

Genes and Disease

This video from Nowgen, produced by Teachers TV, explores how modern genetic research is helping scientists to understand a rare life-threatening heart condition, as well as the more common skin condition, eczema. Susie Murray has a rare inherited heart condition called Long QT which, if left untreated, can lead...

Breast Cancer in the Family

This Nowgen Schools Genomics Programme video explores how genomic research is helping scientists to understand the genetic and environmental factors affecting complex medical conditions, such as breast cancer. Risk of breast cancer is approximately one in ten in northern European populations, making it the most...

KS3 Physics: Sound

Produced by Teachers TV as part of their Lesson Starters series, this video looks at different properties of sound. High-speed camera technology shows the vibrations, slowed many times, of objects producing a sound. These short clips can be used to...