The videos in this collection from teachers TV are aimed at secondary school science practitioners. They contain materials that can be used in the classroom, as stimulus material.

Clips in this section cover a wide range of topics, including:
* astronomy, space and the solar system
* Earth science
* genes, genetics and ethical implications
* how science works
* sound
* climate change
* elements, reactivity and the chemistry of fireworks
* renewable energy
* variation and classification



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Big Screen Science: Stem Cell Controversy

In this video, produced by Teachers TV, Craig McMillan, a wheelchair user, investigates the moral and ethical dilemmas of stem cell therapy and questions whether it will ultimately affect his own disability.

Craig, who started using a wheelchair following a rugby accident, is filmed by a group of 14 and...

Big Screen Science: The Perry Pigger Show

Produced by secondary school students, this Teachers TV resource contains an animated film that tackles the complex subject of xenotransplantation using the format of a popular chat show hosted by a pig named Perry Pigger.

The resource describes how the film was developed and made by Year Nine girls from...

Big Screen Science: Law of Averages

Produced by secondary school students, this Teachers TV resource explores the issue of kidney transplantation in a short drama made and acted by a group of 14 and 15 year old students. It can be used to stimulate debate about the applications and implications of science.

With the help of professional...

Climate Change: The Causes

Produced by Teachers TV, this richly illustrated video uses animation and natural history footage to provide an introduction to the topic of climate change to secondary school students. The concepts covered include: • the greenhouse effect • naturally occurring greenhouse gases • natural variations in climate •...