The videos in this collection from teachers TV are aimed at secondary school science practitioners. They contain materials that can be used in the classroom, as stimulus material.

Clips in this section cover a wide range of topics, including:
* astronomy, space and the solar system
* Earth science
* genes, genetics and ethical implications
* how science works
* sound
* climate change
* elements, reactivity and the chemistry of fireworks
* renewable energy
* variation and classification



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Surf and the Simpsons

California is one of the top surf locations in the world and also home to Universal Studios. This video from Teachers TV focuses on the protection of the coastline and Universals Studios' initiatives to become environmentally friendly.

Off shore oil drilling, polluted beaches and waste running into the...

Energy and Recycling *suitable for home teaching*

This programme is part of the Teachers TV series Sustainability in California, which showcases the ingenuity and cutting edge technology that California is applying to sustainability and clean energy. The programme looks at the development of non-polluting cars which use hydrogen as the fuel, called zero-emission...

Bio-diversity *suitable for home teaching*

This video from Teachers TV looks at California, which is working hard to sustain the range of beautiful and unique animal life within its borders. San Diego Zoo is at the forefront of these efforts. The zoo has helped to revolutionised the way such centres work, transforming them from tourist attractions into...

What's in Your Food? *suitable for home teaching*

In This video from Teachers TV, food expert Stefan Gates carries out an explosive experiment to test the levels of sugar in two different breakfast cereals. The video introduces the idea of measuring the nutritional value of food, and is designed for use with primary...