The videos in this collection from teachers TV are aimed at secondary school science practitioners. They contain materials that can be used in the classroom, as stimulus material.

Clips in this section cover a wide range of topics, including:
* astronomy, space and the solar system
* Earth science
* genes, genetics and ethical implications
* how science works
* sound
* climate change
* elements, reactivity and the chemistry of fireworks
* renewable energy
* variation and classification



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Climate Change: the Impacts

From Teachers TV, this video looks at the potential impacts of climate change. Through interviews and natural history footage, the video focuses on examples from around the globe.

Environments including African drought plains and the diverse Bangladeshi topography are analysed. The impact that climate...

British Birds

From Teachers TV, this video introduces fifteen British birds that you students most likely to see in the UK. It explains how to identify them by their size, shape, colour, habitat, behaviour and sounds. Ecologist and Natural History presenter Mike Dilger talks us through the key attributes and qualities of each...

The Periodic Table: Ferocious Elements *suitable for home teaching*

Produced by Teachers TV, this video looks at elements that are very stable and some that are much more reactive. Science teacher Subathra Subramaniam visits Portobello Road market in London and learns why gold, silver and copper are ideal for making jewellery. She also examines the highly reactive alkali metals,...

Banging Chemistry: Fireworks

In this video, produced by Teachers TV, explosive experts, Dr. Jacqueline Akhavan and Dr. Alex Contini, explain the explosive chemical and physical reactions behind fireworks. Through a series of controlled explosions they demonstrate combustion reactions in fireworks in a way that could never be done in a...