The videos in this collection from teachers TV are aimed at secondary school science practitioners. They contain materials that can be used in the classroom, as stimulus material.

Clips in this section cover a wide range of topics, including:
* astronomy, space and the solar system
* Earth science
* genes, genetics and ethical implications
* how science works
* sound
* climate change
* elements, reactivity and the chemistry of fireworks
* renewable energy
* variation and classification



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How Science Works: Chasing the Wind

In this video, produced by Teachers TV, Dr Maggie Aderin leads a team launching an instrument into orbit to read atmospheric wind patterns, in order to help assess the impact of climate change. Measuring the Earth's wind patterns with this project will help to form a...

How Science Works: Engineering Gold

Part of the How Science Works series from Teachers TV, this video shows how Professor Peter Styring came up with a design for self-lubricating skis. Discover what stringent tests he performed before achieving the finished product of a possible gold medal winning ski...

Micro-organisms Under the Sea

From Teachers TV, this Inside Science video looks at a mission of discovery aboard a vessel which is scooping up samples of micro-organisms from the ocean floor.

The expedition is part of the Census of Marine Life...

The Geological Mappers

From Teachers TV, this Inside Science video describes a week with a British Geological Survey team as they navigate sand dunes in order to produce a geological map of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Use the video to...