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KS3 Physics: Sound

Produced by Teachers TV as part of their Lesson Starters series, this video looks at different properties of sound. High-speed camera technology shows the vibrations, slowed many times, of objects producing a sound. These short clips can be used to stimulate discussion and engagement in the topic of sound.

Making sound
Trevor uses high speed recording to show the vibration of a tuning fork, cymbal, triangle, guitar and 'singing' wine glass.

A generator makes a sine wave and the effects of the sound waves on a soap bubble are examined.

Shows the effects of sound waves moving in air on the flames of lit candles.

A startling demonstration of how sound waves can cause objects to resonate with dramatic effects.

Using an oscilloscope Trevor shows the difference in frequencies produced by different octaves played on a saxophone and other instruments.

The 'confusaphone' shows what happens when left and right ears' hearing is mixed up.

Sonic boom
Examines the effect of a sonic boom, created by a cracking whip.

Two chambers
He finally assesses the effect reflective surfaces on a sound's echo.

Handy instruments

Looks at the varying sounds we can create with our own bodies.

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