Tim Peake live chat

On Thursday 14 April ESERO-UK are inviting primary teachers to join us at the National STEM Learning Centre in York for a live in-flight call (IFC) with British ESA astronaut Tim Peake.

Tim has been living on the International Space Station (ISS) since December 2015 and has been working hard carrying out repairs and experiments, exercising, eating bacon sandwiches prepared by Heston Blumenthal and watching the Six Nations. 

On the day of the in-flight call, we will be exploring careers as an over-arching theme, along with over 100 primary teachers and STEM experts. We will connect with Tim on the ISS via a live video conference and two lucky teachers from the UK will also have the chance to ask Tim questions on space careers.

Using space related themes and the genuine fascination felt by young people for space, ESERO wants to inspire teachers to enhance school pupils’ literacy and competence in STEM-related subjects; science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The ESERO project also highlights the associated applications from space and raises awareness of the large range of career prospects in the space domain.

Astronauts are excellent ambassadors for a career in aerospace. The aerospace sector offers a variety of fascinating career opportunities and Tim Peake’s Principia mission has created global awareness and understanding about careers in aerospace and STEM organisations. Here in the UK we have over 50 dedicated space ambassadors leading the Tim Peake Primary Project in schools across the country.


Watch the full live in-flight event



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