Mathematics: an important ingredient in the new design and technology qualifications

For those teaching the new design and technology and engineering specifications from September 2017, one of the most interesting changes to the examined content is the increased focus on mathematics knowledge. How would you or your students fare with the following question?A water feature is made from three buckets A, B and C. Each bucket...

Are you prepared for Engineering Week this November?

What is an engineer? What do they do? How do I become one?These are the questions that students across the country will be asking during Tomorrow’s Engineers week, from 7-11 November.Why do we need a week about engineering?Engineering UK has projected that the UK needs to double the number of engineering apprentices and graduates entering the...


A spotlight on Reliance Precision

(Photo take from ESA)Reliance Precision is one of the latest engineering employers to sign up to the STEM Insight programme. From autumn 2016, they will be offering staff in schools and colleges the chance to experience STEM-related work at their site in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Here’s a look at some of the projects Reliance precision are...


Help your students celebrate women in engineering this June

Can you students name a female engineer? Do they know what types of jobs engineers do?On 23 June, schools across the country have the opportunity to raise the profile of girls in engineering and help their students to answer those two important questions! It’s National Women in Engineering Day, a day set up by the Women’s Engineering Society...


Humanitarian engineering - engineering that makes a difference

What do engineers do?When you ask young people this question the kind of response you may get is “they fix things”, or “they build machines in factories that make things”. What many young people don’t know is that engineers are working to make life better for people in the developing world, including helping them coping with disasters such as...


What are you planning for ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers Week’?

Whilst some are counting down the days until the half term break, hundreds of teachers from across the country are busy preparing to start their first week back with a bang (and it’s got nothing to do with fireworks!).From 2 – 6 November it’s ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers Week‘, a brilliant opportunity to show your students what being an engineer is all...


Why I love Chicks with Bricks

Today the wonderfully named ‘Chicks with Bricks’ – a group celebrating women in construction roles and industries – are having a celebration event.Unfortunately I can’t make it this time but I went to one not so long ago, meeting a vast range of women, and men, working on major and not so major projects, and all with great stories to tell. It was...


Every day should be National Women in Engineering day – because it is!

Tuesday 23 June was the second National Women in Engineering Day and, by all accounts, a resounding success – as long as, that is, you knew it was taking place in the first instance.OK – a world record for a gathering of female engineers was broken in Horseguards Parade, and Women’s Hour featured it, but as I announced it to a roomful of committed...


Getting more girls into engineering? It’s doesn’t have to be that difficult – just do the maths!

Whisper it quietly – I’m sure many in engineering circles won’t like me saying this – but I was delighted to spot an article in last week’s London’s Evening Standard highlighting the innovative approach taken by the Engineering Department at University College London in attracting girls to take up Civil Engineering degrees.The best thing is it...


Engineering for the primary classroom

I didn’t think that on this particular Monday morning I would be making a vacuum cleaner. In fact, other than the obvious cleaning of my house, I hadn’t given them much of a thought, let alone consider them to be something a class of primary school children could make!So, there we were a group of experienced teachers engaged making cardboard...



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