Paving the way for females in engineering

In 2014, the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) launched National Women in Engineering Day, an annual day to highlight the huge gender imbalance within the engineering industry.They brought light to the fact that there was a massive lack of engineering skills on a global level, partly due to less STEM graduates and more importantly, the...


Top tips to prepare for the new design and technology GCSE

The official start date for the new design and technology GCSE is just around the corner. With first teaching in September 2017, we asked some of our design and technology experts for their advice on how to go about planning and preparing for the new curriculum.Top tips for planning, from consultants Julie Boyd and Paul BoydThe 2014 key stage 3...

What are antibubbles and how are they changing the world?

Add a twist to your lessons on states of matter by investigating antibubbles.What are antibubbles?Most students will be familiar with bubbles that can be created by blowing air into a film of soapy water. These bubbles consist of a volume of air enclosed by a membrane of liquid. The bubble is held as a sphere by forces between the liquid molecules...


Bringing engineering into the primary classroom

There is definitely a buzz around Rode Heath at the moment and I can’t help feel that it has something to do with our engineering project…One of the most important ways of engaging children in their learning, is to make it fun and purposeful. At Rode Heath, we are achieving that through our Think Like an Engineer way of learning!Back in...


Roboteers stand by: Bradfield School are on their way

Design and technology teacher and past participant of our CPD 'Using robot wars as inspiration for STEM', Daniel Grant, talks about how he is trying to take his classroom all the way to the Robot Wars arena.I have a history of building combat robots, so creating a Robot Wars entry with the students seemed like the perfect way to explore how...

Mathematics: an important ingredient in the new design and technology qualifications

For those teaching the new design and technology and engineering specifications from September 2017, one of the most interesting changes to the examined content is the increased focus on mathematics knowledge. How would you or your students fare with the following question?A water feature is made from three buckets A, B and C. Each bucket...

Are you prepared for Engineering Week this November?

What is an engineer? What do they do? How do I become one?These are the questions that students across the country will be asking during Tomorrow’s Engineers week, from 7-11 November.Why do we need a week about engineering?Engineering UK has projected that the UK needs to double the number of engineering apprentices and graduates entering the...


A spotlight on Reliance Precision

(Photo take from ESA)Reliance Precision is one of the latest engineering employers to sign up to the STEM Insight programme. From autumn 2016, they will be offering staff in schools and colleges the chance to experience STEM-related work at their site in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Here’s a look at some of the projects Reliance precision are...


Help your students celebrate women in engineering this June

Can you students name a female engineer? Do they know what types of jobs engineers do?On 23 June, schools across the country have the opportunity to raise the profile of girls in engineering and help their students to answer those two important questions! It’s National Women in Engineering Day, a day set up by the Women’s Engineering Society...


Humanitarian engineering - engineering that makes a difference

What do engineers do?When you ask young people this question the kind of response you may get is “they fix things”, or “they build machines in factories that make things”. What many young people don’t know is that engineers are working to make life better for people in the developing world, including helping them coping with disasters such as...



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