Is a career in science for me?

With two in five students saying they are interested in science related careers why do we need to worry about the scientific competitiveness of the UK on the global stage?Findings from the Wellcome Trust’s Science Education Tracker show that this number comes from some specific demographics and there is still work to be done in communicating to...


Discover what a placement with Caterpillar could hold

Back in July 2016, for the first time ever, three teachers embarked on a STEM Insight placement with Caterpillar. Caterpillar designs, develops, engineers, manufactures and sells a vast range of machinery and engines to people all around the world. The STEM Insight programme provided these teachers with the unique opportunity to gain a real...


Digital degree apprentices, the story so far: whim or wonder?

Last month, at IBM’s Southbank offices, the Matthew Hancock, Minister of State for Digital and Culture attended the celebration of the first year of digital degree apprenticeships, supported through the Tech Partnerships. The Minister of State noted that digital industries contribute over £100bn to the UK economy and fully appreciated the...


Investigating social mobility in STEM subjects and careers

Last year, the Social Mobility Commission issued a comprehensive report exploring the transition from school to the workplace amongst several types of pupil group within the UK.In particular, the commission was interested in why White British males are less likely to be unemployed, and have more social mobility options, than females and of...


Working with the future generation of STEM: Mihika’s story

An inventor and award-winning primary school engineer, Mihika Sharma is certainly not your average six year old.Last year she won the London Special Leaders Award, a STEM programme by Primary Engineer in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering at University College London (UCL), designed to encourage primary school children to engage with...


How businesses can inspire young people and close the STEM skills gap

My first day of work was on my 22nd birthday. I remember taking the tube during rush hour and arriving at swanky offices, ready to be an engineer.Ever since that day, I have always loved what I do. The last 11 years of my career have involved working with people, solving problems creatively and seeing the real product of my designs.But sadly...


A career in electronics, making sci-fi a reality

The UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF) has launched a campaign to show students why a career in electronics is worth studying for.'Put simply, a career in electronics is a career that will help create our future. The world that we live in is constantly evolving and technology is at the heart of this change. Only a generation ago you...


Don’t miss your chance to work with BP

Fancy spending time this October working with BP?Our STEM Insight programme has some last minute places available for teachers looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with BP, one of the UK’s largest science and engineering employers.A placement with BP will open your eyes to the world of STEM in the workplace and provide you with in-depth...


A spotlight on Reliance Precision

(Photo take from ESA)Reliance Precision is one of the latest engineering employers to sign up to the STEM Insight programme. From autumn 2016, they will be offering staff in schools and colleges the chance to experience STEM-related work at their site in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Here’s a look at some of the projects Reliance precision are...


Water: a calculated resource in mathematics

There are many water-based problems to be found in mathematics classrooms. How many times have you posed questions about filling up water containers, and then matching them with a depth-time graph?Then there is the well-known problem below:Two friends who have an eight-quart jug of water wish to share it evenly. They also have two empty jars...



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