How can Virtual Reality be used in STEM subjects?

The shortage of students pursuing STEM subjects at university or through higher education has received a lot of attention over the past few years. According to consultancy firm AT Kearney, just one in eleven young people takes maths or physics at A-Level.This, in turn, is having an impact on the UK job market, with 43% of science, technology,...


Hearing is believing for an acoustics specialist at Atkins

Vicky Stewart is an acoustics specialist and STEM Ambassador at Atkins, one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies. We chatted to her about her role in inspiring young people to pursue STEM subjects, and how this has benefited her and her career.  What is the benefit for...


Solving sustainability: can your students take on the challenge?

The BP Ultimate STEM Challenge invites students to tackle real-world problems.Themed around sustainability, this year's challenge asks students to:design ways to capture biomethane from food wastecreate an efficient way to get electricity from waterdevelop a sustainable method for growing plants indoorsDr Ajay Sharman attended the final of...


Roald Dahl: the champion of the STEM world

Roald Dahl’s stories have inspired generations of children, filled with extraordinary ideas, whimsical worlds and unbelievable inventions.The characters we meet face challenges in which they need creativity, imagination and perseverance to solve – skills we’d love to nurture in the children we teach.Charlie, George, Matilda, James and Danny all...


Project Steminist: tackling inequality on a global stage

Two students from the City of Glasgow College are the first in Scotland to present their work at a prestigious international educational conference.Bunmi Onanuga and Laura Phillips showcased their pioneering computer game, Eco City, at the International STEM Students’ Forum in Hong Kong.We chatted to Laura and Bunmi, who shared their experiences...


Progression, recognition and reflection: how I became a National Expert

As a teacher and middle leader with only two years’ experience in the profession, I was delighted to receive the highest level of recognition from STEM Educators – National Expert.Having previously held the Effective and Leading STEM Teacher levels, it was a great honour to receive the National Expert recognition."As teachers, we very rarely stop...


Tackle the Ultimate STEM Challenge: last year's winners are here to help

Now in its fourth year, BP’s Ultimate STEM Challenge is back with three new challenges on the theme of My Sustainable Future.Students aged 11 to 14 are invited to use their STEM skills to help reduce our impact on the environment and create a more sustainable future. By exploring the practical uses of science, these challenges are designed to...


ENTHUSE Celebration Awards: opening doors to teachers and students alike

Bedtime stories for me as a child were about gaining a good education, how it's one of the few things in life that no one can take from you once you've achieved it and how it can open doors in life that would never be possible without it.Each time I gained a certificate for anything, my dad would take it to work to laminate and we would put it in...


The benefits of learning outside the classroom

There is much awareness of the benefits of taking students outside the classroom to learn. However, little is often made of the benefits of teachers developing their own expertise through experiencing continuing professional development outside the classroom environment.Research and studies show that different people learn in different ways, as...


Steaming ahead: bringing the National Railway Museum’s archives to life

The National Railway Museum’s (NRM) archive is packed full of inspiring, exciting and unusual collections.Now that the NRM is a STEM Ambassador Hub, we have the unique opportunity to work with our STEM Ambassador team. Their experience of using archives to inspire post-16 secondary school age groups, combined with links to the modern rail industry...



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