This collection offers students, and their teachers, a set of interesting, exciting problems. Each problem is designed to develop thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills. In completing the activities students will be required to represent a situation in mathematical terms, analyse models, interpret, evaluate and communicate their results. The case studies are very different from each other, both in content and style.Topics range from real issues to fantasy worlds, but all set in contexts to which students can relate. Each case study is designed to occupy three to five lessons and contains materials for students, teachers’ notes and lesson plans. Many are based on ‘open’ questions with no one right answer and most can be tackled on different levels. Most of the case studies require access to some form of ICT.



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Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion is a set of four interactive lessons about a full-scale alien attack that coincides with a class visit to Manford City. To set the scene and support the lessons, live television news bulletins, radio broadcasts and telephone messages help to develop the story line. The invasion leads to a series of...

Olympics: Are Women Improving Faster than Men?

Since women have been competing in the Olympics, there have been many cases where the women, at least for a while, have been improving faster than men. In this activity students explore whether this trend is likely to continue until women are out-performing men.

Students use relevant data to help model the...


This activity requires students to investigate the mathematics behind fashion trends. The software contains an introductory short film that shows the CEO and Store Manager of a London boutique discussing how to be successful in running a fashion business. His...

Design the Mascot

In this activity, students take the role of a graphic designer. Their task is to create a mascot for a new primary school. Students use a web-based digital drawing tool package to draw their design. Students are encouraged to work both individually and in small groups...


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