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This collection contains a number of mathematics-related resources for use at STEM clubs.



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This collection offers students, and their teachers, a set of interesting, exciting problems. Each problem is designed to develop thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills. In completing the activities students will be required to represent a situation in mathematical terms, analyse models, interpret, evaluate...

A collection of six resources exploring the mathematics used in the production of steel. Students explore the: *Design of tin cans requiring the formation of equations, calculation of the volume of a cylinder and the minimum value for surface area. *Most efficient way to stamp out the template for a drinks can from...

A collection of three resources exploring the mathematics used in air travel. Students explore: *Scheduling of aircraft, the construction of timetables and dealing with time zone differences. *Scheduling pilots, using formulae to calculate the working time of pilots. *The use of formulae to calculate flight charges...

A series of resources from Defence Dynamics in which the teaching and learning of mathematics is put into a military context. Students' activity sheets show how important mathematical concepts are used in real-life situations by the armed forces. The resources are:

Bearings- students plan...