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This activity requires students to investigate the mathematics behind fashion trends. The software contains an introductory short film that shows the CEO and Store Manager of a London boutique discussing how to be successful in running a fashion business. His suggestions include: analysing age group buying patterns, recognising popular and less popular items and trying to find patterns that help with decisions on which stock to buy for the future success of the shop. Students then use the program ‘Trendsetter’ to run simulations of buying patterns in a shop over an eight week period presenting findings in the form of charts and graphs. Students are then required to use census population statistics work out how much stock would be needed in order to satisfy consumer demand. Students should be familiar with the ideas of variables and hypotheses testing before beginning work on this activity.

In completing this task students will use the rules of arithmetic applied to calculations and manipulations with rational numbers, use the applications of ratio and proportion to scale up the predicted sales for a larger population and use the handling data cycle. Students will also analyse grouped and ungrouped data, including time series and lines of best fit and use measures of central tendency and spread.

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