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UsernameMike Anderson
OrganisationNational STEM Learning Centre
Current RoleConsultant/adviser

I am a Mathematics Subject Specialist for STEM Learning. Based at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, I support with secondary mathematics curriculum resources, projects and CPD.

Over the past decade I have taught mathematics in a number of schools both in Leeds and in New Zealand, and held a variety of positions in maths departments and within the wider school.

Areas of interest include teaching for problem solving, using manipulatives in the classroom, and making use of mathematics to support learning across the STEM subjects.


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Playing card mathematics

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10 ways to use dominoes in your mathematics classroom

Recent years have seen a rise in popularity of certain manipulatives, including Cuisenaire rods and algebra tiles, while other manipulatives have a tendency to gather dust in the maths department store cupboard. Dominoes, for example, are often overlooked.We think it’s time to dust off the dominoes and dive in with these domino-based classroom...


New year resolutions for a mathematics teacher

 It’s the same story each January: take up a new hobby, travel, get fit, lose weight... This year, why not try something different? Learn something newExplore the science of learning with Paul Howard-Jones. Get Tom Bennet’s tips on managing classroom behaviour from Dylan Wiliam. Brush up your mathematics subject knowledge. If these sound...


Getting started as a newly qualified mathematics teacher

 If you have just started your first year of teaching, or are supporting a new teacher in your department, find out how we can help you to support Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) throughout the next academic year.Online CPDThe STEM teaching program is a suite of free, high-impact professional development courses designed for current or...


Five ways you can get ready for September

With the mathematics GCSE exams safely over for another year, you might be lucky enough to have some ‘gained time’ this half term. Usually, thoughts will turn to how best to prepare for the next academic year.Whether you are planning how to engage with subject-specific CPD, reviewing your scheme of work, developing links with industry or...


Top 10 most popular secondary mathematics resources of 2017

Here at STEM Learning, we’ve been looking at the most popular secondary mathematics resources hosted on our site, as decided by UK-based teachers.We are excited to reveal, in a true ‘Top of the Pops’ style, a run-down of the top ten of our most downloaded resource collections of 2017.Number 10: SubtangentThe Subtangent website included...


How expensive is it to travel to the moon?

For most of us, the dream of becoming an astronaut will forever remain unfulfilled. The skills, experience, dedication and physical demands are - pardon the pun- out of this world, and out of reach for most of us.For example, most people know that Tim Peake piloted fighter jets before training to become an astronaut, but did you also know he had...


The value of teaching assistants in the maths classroom

To say balancing a school budget is difficult is an understatement. How do senior leaders ensure their decisions reflect best-practice, provide value for money and, most importantly, have a real impact on student outcomes?How do middle leaders such as department heads ensure that the strategies they implement are evidence-based and will work in...


Festive fractals: bringing Christmas into the maths classroom

Santa is 7. A turkey is 11. What is the value of a Christmas cracker?After a long-term, it’s that time of year again when students begin to ask “Can we do something Christmassy this lesson?”With the final autumn term assessments out of the way, it might be time to plan a Christmas-themed lesson - but what to do? In my classroom, took the...


Finding Friedman numbers

Whether you’re a fan of Rachel Riley, Richard Whitely, Carol Vorderman or even the Des Lynam era - I’ve never met a maths teacher who isn’t a Countdown fan.There are plenty of Countdown-style games to use in the maths classroom, such as this resource on the STEM Learning website. As a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), Countdown was always my...


The hunt for perfect numbers

I was born on a Friday the thirteenth, so growing up my favourite number was 13. I found the fear of the number – known as Triskaidekaphobia – fascinating. In some cultures, such as in Hong Kong and Macau, thirteen is actually considered lucky. Either way, at a young age I was aware of the power that numbers can have.In 2014, Alex Bellos set out...