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Design the Mascot

In this activity, students take the role of a graphic designer. Their task is to create a mascot for a new primary school. Students use a web-based digital drawing tool package to draw their design. Students are encouraged to work both individually and in small groups to discuss possible designs as they make decisions and communicate about the planning, designing, evaluating and re-designing of their product. During the activity students will receive, and be expected to act upon, information via ‘management’ memos which make recommendations about what is requied from their design.

This activity is designed to help students to learn, use and apply concepts of dimensions, proportional enlargement, ratio and linear scale factors, connecting these to area scale factors and applying mathematics in a real-life context. Other mathematical topics used include perimeters, areas, surface areas and volumes; points, lines and shapes in 2D coordinate systems and transformations. Students are also given the opportunity to engage in whole-class discussions about the mathematics they have used within the design process.

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