This collection offers students, and their teachers, a set of interesting, exciting problems. Each problem is designed to develop thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills. In completing the activities students will be required to represent a situation in mathematical terms, analyse models, interpret, evaluate and communicate their results. The case studies are very different from each other, both in content and style.Topics range from real issues to fantasy worlds, but all set in contexts to which students can relate. Each case study is designed to occupy three to five lessons and contains materials for students, teachers’ notes and lesson plans. Many are based on ‘open’ questions with no one right answer and most can be tackled on different levels. Most of the case studies require access to some form of ICT.



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Highway Link Design

This activity challenges students to design, and agree on an optimal route for, a village bypass, subject to the Highways Agency constraints for road design. Students use the provided software or physical resources and measure lengths of lines and curves, fine tune cost-benefit trade-offs, interpret data, convert...

How Risky Is Life?

In this activity, students explore the miss-match between real and perceived risk by exploring the risks of dying unexpectedly from various causes. Starting from known fears and comparing them with real-life data, students can recognise that these fears are often unfounded. Students have the opportunity to learn...

In or Out?

In this activity students are asked to construct a simple mathematical model to help decide whether or not the umpire has made the correct decision. Students are required to revisit and test assumptions made in their initial model, make estimates of likely uncertainty and apply their model to similar situations....

Keeping the Pizza Hot

This activity requires students to consider the problem of maximising the market available to a pizza shop through the ability to keep a home-delivered pizza warm for longer. Students use a mathematical model to explore the issue that a pizza home delivery business faces in ensuring that the pizza arrives hot! They...