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Meet the EO Detectives

Earth Observation (EO) scientists collect information about the Earth – the land, the sea and the atmosphere – using sensors carried on satellites, aircraft, ships, buoys floating on the ocean and thousands of weather stations around the world. There is now a great deal of data available and scientists are finding...

Mike Lawton - CEO of Oxford Space Systems

Mike is part of a space engineering company building a new series of very low mass foldable structures and antennas for satellites.  Oxford Space Systems are also working on constellations of satellites that will provide real time imaging from space. 

There are two cuts of the video – one aimed at primary...

Mission to Mars

In this DIY Faraday Challenge, students are asked to work in teams to design and construct the rocket which will transport supplies via Earth orbit to the astronauts on Mars. They are also required to build a system to transport the rocket to the...

Mission to the Moon

This collection of practical activities, investigations and games is all based on current lunar research. It supports many aspects of working scientifically and links to area of the curriculum including: earth and space, light and shadows, forces, materials, changes of state and rocks and soils. Activities are...

Mission X Activity Guide

This  activity guide should be used alongside the Mission X challenge:


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Modern materials: advanced metals

This resource explores the topic of advanced metals, including titanium and metal foams. It provides examples of how the metals are used in engineering and space, explores the properties of the materials and suggests investigation activities that students can use to gain a greater understanding of the topic.

Modern materials: biomimicry and biopolymers

Biomimicry is based on the idea that we can take inspiration from nature when solving problems in design and engineering.  Biopolymers are polymers made from natural sources. This resource provides a great introduction to biomimicry and biopolymers. It provides examples of biomimicry and biopolymers and suggests...

Modern materials: coated metals

A coated metal has a coating applied to the surface to enhance or change its functional or aesthetic properties. This resources explores the topic of coated metals, specifically anodising, galvanising, powder coating, dip coating, electroplating. 

Modern materials: E-Textiles

This resources  provides a space themed introduction to the topic of E-textiles. It looks at some of the technologies used, provides examples of products that are made possible by E-textiles and provides some hands-on examples of how you can bring E0textiles into your classroom.

Modern materials: Introduction

This resources provides students with an introduction to the topic of modern materials. It provides an overview of what modern materials are and why we might use them for different products. The specific materials included are:

  • Nanotechnologies
  • Liquid crystal displays
  • Graphene
  • ...


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