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Modern materials: teacher notes

These teacher notes will guide you through the collection of resources created for space-inspired modern materials. Including:

Natasha Almeida – Postdoctoral Researcher

Natasha is a researcher studying meteorites at the Natural History Museum.  She examines meteorites to tell us more about the history of the solar system and the origins of life on Earth. 

There are two cuts of the video – one aimed at primary aged children, and one for secondary.



Nature and machines

This session will allow students to explore how nature has enabled animals and plants to move on the surface of our planet and how this can be used to create future rovers for exploring Mars. How will future machines travel effectively across the various types of Martian terrain and survive some of the...

Paul Moseley - Post Doctoral Research Associate

Paul develops infrared telescopes to observe galaxies.  The technology has also been adapted to diagnose cancer by looking at chemical signatures in the human body.  He emphasises the importance of problem solving and programming skills to work in his role. 

There are two cuts of the video – one aimed at...

Perseverance film: activity and discovery pack

Perseverance is a NASA rover that landed on Mars, in February 2021.  The rover is searching for past evidence for life on Mars and collecting samples to be returned to Earth with a planned sample return mission, from NASA and the European Space Agency, ESA.  

This resource activity pack supports the video...

Playing with Toys in Space *suitable for home teaching*

Looking for a clip to illustrate momentum? Footagevault has provided this footage of astronaut Jeff Hoffman playing with a red toy car on a looped race track on board the Space Shuttle. The car's momentum and centripetal force keep it on the race track initially, before friction slows it down.

Portia Bowman - Space Systems Engineer

Portia works with other scientists and engineers to work on systems that will go into space.  She explains how she is working on a project to build a robotic arm to work on samples from Mars.  Portia studied Physics and then Space Engineering at university. 

There are two cuts of the video – one aimed at...

Primary Mirror Origami Challenge

This activity provides a step by step guide for how to create an origami hexagon. It is linked to the James Webb Space Telescope’s primary mirror which is composed of 18 tessellating hexagons. Children can work individually to create...

Principia mission - maths in space

On December 15th 2015 European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake launched on the six month Principia mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Principia was named after Isaac Newton’s Naturalis Principia Mathematica, describing the principal laws of motion and gravity.

The education and inspiration of...


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