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Where Would You Photograph? (7-11)

In this activity children take on the role of Earth observation scientists submitting a request for an image they would like for their research. This gives them the opportunity to consider the possibilities of pictures taken from orbit (and the limitations) and to write scientifically for a specific audience. It...

Working in space

For this session students will find out the answers to the following questions: What do the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency do? What are the STEM subjects and how do they relate to a rover mission? What jobs are there from design, launch, landing and exploring? What skills are needed within these jobs?...

World Space Week is a very popular STEM awareness event and there are a large number of resources available for all age groups. This collection highlights some of the best and more topical resources to provide inspiration for lesson or STEM Club activities.

On the theme of careers, ESERO-UK have a Careers in...


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