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Smart materials: introduction to smart materials

A smart material describes a material that senses and responds to an external stimulus or change in the environment, and where the change reverses when the stimulus or change is removed. This resource provides an introduction to the topic of smart materials, looking at the properties of different materials,...

Smart materials: phase change materials

A phase change material are substances that absorb or release energy when it changes its physical state, providing useful heating or cooling properties. Did you know that phase change materials were developed by NASA to keep astronauts comfortable in the extreme temperature fluctuations in space? This resource...

Smart materials: photochromic materials

This resource looks at photochromic materials, exploring how they are used and their impact on space inspired products. The slides provide discussion points, investigation ideas and suggestions of practical experiments and products that will allow students to get hands-on with photochromic technology.

Smart materials: piezoelectric materials and quantum tunnelling composites

This resource explores the properties and uses of piezoelectric materials and quantum tunnelling composites. Taking examples from space technology, it provides a number of examples to discuss in the classroom and suggests practical experiments to give your students a hands-on examples of the technology.

Smart materials: shape memory alloys and shape memory polymers

Shape memory alloys (SMA) and shape memory polymers (SMP) remember their original shape, even after being significantly deformed, returning to their original shape in response to a stimulus. This resource explores the technology behind SMA's and SMP's, the properties that they bring to engineered products and...

Smart materials: teacher notes

These teacher notes will guide you through the collection of resources created for space-inspired smart materials. Including:

  • ...

Smart materials: thermochromic materials

This resource explores the topic of thermochromic materials. It provides content to explain what they are, how they are used and suggests practical experiments that will allow students to get hands-on with the material.

This collection of videos, from the European Space Education Office (ESERO-UK),  presents a cross-section of people with careers in UK space industry. 

The majority of the videos include a version that can be used in the primary classroom and a version to use in secondary schools or colleges.  


Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM) case studies

The Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM) is designed to support schools and colleges using the subject of space to inspire and engage their students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. This set of four case studies demonstrates how different schools have benefitted from achieving the...

space:uk - November 2015, Special Edition

This special edition of space:uk, from the UK Space Agency, focusses on the mission of European Space Agency astronaut, Tim Peake, and the educational activities linked to his stay on board the International Space Station. Articles in this edition include: *Principia Mission – From launch to landing, what does Tim...


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