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Investigating the Biodiversity of Different Habitats

In this resource, students investigate the biodiversity of different habitats, looking at the relative abundance of different plant species. Students carry out a practical activity in the school grounds or other green space, comparing the diversity of habitats using Cairns' sequential comparison index.

Their investigation is put in a STEM Careers context, through a short video case study of Amy Eycott, landscape ecologist for the Forestry Commission. Students  find out more about the skills and knowledge that she needs for her job, and how her scientific research has had an impact on government policy. 

As an extension activity, students can then use Google Earth to see the areas they have investigated within the context of their surroundings, and make a preliminary assessment of the opportunities for movement of species between areas.

This resource includes full teachers' notes, foundation, higher, extension and plenary activities, a case study, a students' worksheet and technical notes for the practical.

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