This collection contains a range of careers case studies from across the STEM subjects. Inspiring individuals talk about their personal journeys and explain more about the exciting careers they have chosen.



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STEM careers - profiles

Students are often unaware of the opportunities open to them if they study STEM subjects at school.  This resource, comprising of seven case studies/profiles, is designed to increase awareness of just some of the potential careers open to them in international development.

Why not print out the...

Meet the EO Detectives

Earth Observation (EO) scientists collect information about the Earth – the land, the sea and the atmosphere – using sensors carried on satellites, aircraft, ships, buoys floating on the ocean and thousands of weather stations around the world. There is now a great deal of data available and scientists are finding...

STEM Choices: Industry Focus

This set of four profiles of UK industries give an overview of each one and is designed for students to gain an insight into careers available to people who have studied STEM subjects. The industries featured are the nuclear power, pharmaceutical, renewable energy and maritime industry.

Each profile includes...

STEM careers - poster

This colourful A2 poster illustrates how studying STEM subjects can lead to four very different careers in the international development sector. Why not print out the case studies that accompany this poster and display them with it for an informative,...