This is a collection of six teaching resources to help put science into a modern context of careers, including two resources for each of the age groups 11-14, 14-16 and post-16.

Each of the six resources brings together a careers case study with a contemporary scientist working in a different field, followed by a practical investigation and an opportunity for your pupils to do some research of their own. The resources include student sheets and full technical and teaching notes.



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Investigating How Plants Use Colour to Attract Pollinators

In this investigation, students look at the way in which flowering plants use colour to attract pollinators, and particularly bees. They carry out a variety of short practicals and research activities, designed to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of adaptation, evolution and biophysics – understanding...

Investigating the Antibacterial Properties of Plants

In this resource, students investigate the antibacterial properties of plants. Their investigation is placed in the context of a case study of Julian Ma, ...

Investigating the Anti-Cancer Properties of Plants

In this resource, pupils carry out an investigation into the presence of vitamin C, an antioxidant, in the different parts of different plants. This is put in the context of Dr Jess Chu, a young scientist researching Malaysian rainforest plants to see if they have any antioxidant, anti-cancer or antibacterial...

Investigating the Biodiversity of Different Habitats

In this resource, students investigate the biodiversity of different habitats, looking at the relative abundance of different plant species. Students carry out a practical activity in the school grounds or other green space, comparing the diversity of habitats using Cairns' sequential comparison index.