World Wildlife Day - 3rd March

World Wildlife Day was started by the United Nations to celebrate and raise awareness of the world's wild animals and plants. This collection contains resources for both primary and secondary pupils looking at wildlife both globally and in the UK, the habitats they occupy, and how both wildlife and habitats can be protected.



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This collection of resources aims to develop an awareness of the types of wildlife found in the UK, in particular amphibians and reptiles. Providing tips on how to identify animals and where to look to find them, they also consider some of the threats these animals face and the things which may be done to help them...

OPAL Surveys

This collection consists of six field work investigations which relate to the curriculum areas habitats, interdependence and adaptation and the environment. Each survey includes a workbook, field guide and identification guide where appropriate.

The surveys are:
* Bugs Count - what bugs are living...

Habitat Helpers

This resource contains six activities that link to Living Things and their Habitats, these resources are designed for use with mixed age groups classes of Year 3 and 4. Activities include:

  • undertaking a habitat survey in their local environment, exploring the impact of human activity on a range of...

Planet Earth podcasts, from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and hosted by Planet Earth online, cover a variety of topics about the world around us. Each podcast reports on two to four different stories, describing research projects and studies, dangers to the environment and wildlife, and proposed...