This collection of videos, from the European Space Education Office (ESERO-UK),  presents a cross-section of people with careers in UK space industry. 

The majority of the videos include a version that can be used in the primary classroom and a version to use in secondary schools or colleges.  

Many of the videos include a simple challenge, aimed at pupils or students watching the video.  

They could be used as part of a lesson in one of the STEM subjects, or lessons focusing on careers.  



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Alan O'Brien - Software Engineer

Alan works at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre, and is designing software for the James Webb Space Telescope.  Alan talks about his work on the mid infrared instrument which will look at the formation of galaxies in the early universe.  He uses coding in his job and explains how you need to write algorithms to a...

Anna Hogg - Glaciologist

Anna works at the University of Leeds.  She uses satellite data to look at glaciers at the poles of the Earth.  She uses optical and radar data to track ice movement.  She explains how she went to Greenland and Antarctica for field trips to obtain more data for her research.  Anna explains how we need to study ice...

Charles Cockell - Professor of Astrobiology

Charles is investigating whether there is life on other planets.  He studies life in extreme environments, such as in volcanoes or on the International Space Station.  He studied biochemistry at university and went on to study astrobiology and the possibility of life on other planets. 

There are two cuts of...

Chris Toth - Facilities Scientist

Chris is based at Boulby Underground Laboratory.  The laboratory is in Boulby Mine – the deepest mine in the UK.  The lab is in a salt layer over 1km deep underground, which means that it is in a very low radiation environment.  This location is ideal for performing experiments on dark matter and in astrobiology. ...


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