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Tom is the ESERO-UK Teacher Fellow, based at the National STEM Learning Centre, York. He works with teachers to use space as a context in STEM subjects from primary up to post-16. Tom has a degree in Physics and a Masters in Space Science. He has been a satellite engineer, with Airbus Defence and Space, and a physics teacher, at The Sixth Form College Farnborough. Tom lives in York with his wife and two daughters.


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29 Apr 19
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15 Jan 19
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Using gravity to measure time (and other measurements at home)

How can you use gravity to measure time?  We are so used to our digital watches, clocks and mobile phones that it is easy to forget that it was not so long ago that most clocks relied on a pendulum to measure time, and the swing of the pendulum depends on gravity.At the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) we have set some measurement...