This collection of videos, from the European Space Education Office (ESERO-UK),  presents a cross-section of people with careers in UK space industry. 

The majority of the videos include a version that can be used in the primary classroom and a version to use in secondary schools or colleges.  

Many of the videos include a simple challenge, aimed at pupils or students watching the video.  

They could be used as part of a lesson in one of the STEM subjects, or lessons focusing on careers.  



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Joanne Wheeler - Space Lawyer

Joanne uses her skills and knowledge to advise satellite operators on the legal aspects of launching and operating a satellite in space.  With the growth of more commercial satellite companies there is a demand for more lawyers to advise and write the rules governing space activities across the globe. 


Karsten Spaans - Scientific Researcher

Karsten works at the University of Leeds as a scientific researcher, in the School of Earth and Environment.  He uses images taken by satellites to look the movement of structures such as railways, roads and gas lines.  He also examines the movement of the Earth due to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. ...

Libby Jackson - Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager

Libby works at the UK Space Agency, in Swindon.  She works with scientists and industry to ensure that they can run experiments on the International Space Station.  Libby works alongside astronauts who will be running the experiments on the space station.  She leads a team to ensure that research can be performed...

Matt and Ellie - Apprentices at Airbus

Matt and Ellie build satellites.  They work in a clean room environment to help to construct and test satellites.  Matt and Ellie are both on an apprenticeship scheme with Airbus Defence and Space. 

There are two cuts of the video – one aimed at primary aged children, and one for secondary.



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