Space Careers

The UK plays a very active role in space research and industry. This collection contains profiles of scientists and engineers, working in space industry or academia, and includes some of their outreach work with schools and colleges in the UK.



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Activity Case Study 14: Vicki Hodges

This STEMNET activity case study describes the work of Vicki Hodges as a STEM Ambassador. In a wide range of activities, she has helped to build a space station in an infant school, worked at careers fairs for older students and lectured at universities. Vicki has worked with all age groups and enjoys sharing her...

Faye Cashman: Spacecraft Engineer

Faye Cashman is a Systems Engineer at Astrium in Portsmouth. In this video, Faye describes her work with all sorts of spacecraft systems such as communication satellites and the Mars Rover. She is currently working on a new telescope which will, in time, replace the Hubble telescope and uses infrared to see...

Sheila Kanani: Planetary Scientist

Sheila Kanani is a PhD student in Planetary Science working on using data from the Cassini Spacecraft at the Mullard Space Science laboratory at University College London. In this video, Sheila describes what happens in her workplace where every part of the spacecraft is designed, built and analysed with data...

Lucie Green - Astronomer

A Catalyst article describing Lucie Green's work as an astronomer and broadcaster on the Sky at Night programme. The article looks at her education and research career together with information on her work outside of broadcasting.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2008, Volume 19, Issue...