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Using space as a context in your primary school

Take part in hands-on practical science linked to space missions with free space-related resources to take home.

Space resources

Space Education Quality Mark

ESERO-UK has relaunched the new and improved Space Education Quality Mark for 2018.

Teaching space

Reaching for the stars

How one teacher’s journey to bring space into the classroom led her to be recognised by the Royal Astronomical Society.

Emma Hugo, STEM Ambassador

An out of this world astronomy club

"I was told about the STEM Ambassadors programme and decided to join. Through this, I really wanted to create an after-school astronomy club. So I did!"


Year 5: Earth and space

This list consists of lesson plans, activities and video clips to support the teaching of Earth and Space in Year Five.

Solar system

George's secret key to the universe - solar system

George’s Secret Key To The Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking is an exciting way into children learning about the solar system.


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The Great British Space Dinner - Primary Resource

The Great British Space Dinner Challenge contains six lessons:Lesson 1 – All Aboard the International Space Station (ISS). This lesson sets the scene for the sequence of lessons with a brief Introduction to the ISS and the Great British Space Dinner Challenge.Lesson 2: Fit for a space walk. The importance of exercise...
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2010 to date

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Imaging the Earth

Combing satellite and ground-based imagery, this cross-curricular learning resource for primary teachers explores planet Earth from a range of perspectives.The activities are intended to build map skills and recognition of many physical geography features in familiar and unfamiliar locations. Mathematics activities...
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Rocket Science

Rocket Science is centred around a UK wide practical schools’ experiment. This experiment is a fun interactive way to get students thinking about how plants might grow in space. It will help them understand the difficulties of living, growing and eating in space.Two kilograms of rocket seed travelled from Baikonur,...
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Secondary and A level computing resources

Deepen your understanding and knowledge across the computing curriculum with our range of quality-assured resources.

The science of learning

Draw upon educational neuroscience and psychology to gain an insight into how students learn. 


Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO-UK, the UK space education office.


Teaching primary science: humans in spaceNE002

Learn online the context of human spaceflight provides an engaging way for learning STEM subjects. There are many topics in the primary science curriculum where you can use the theme of space to engage pupils. For example, designing an astronaut’s space suit can bring in aspects of the science curriculum to do with...

STEM Clubs: engaging students in SpaceNY627

Space the final frontier, makes an excellent context for STEM Club activities. Often students are engaged by space and astronomy but it sometimes has limited time in the curriculum, this course will provide a range of support to explore this real life subject to excite and engage your students and further their...

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Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO UK, the UK space education office.

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