Mission X: train like an astronaut

Mission X is supported by the UK Space Agency, ESA and NASA. It is a free education programme developed by NASA scientists and fitness professional working with astronaut and space agencies across the world. Mission X uses the excitement of space exploration to inspire students to learn more about nutrition, exercise, science and space exploration. The materials are available in a range of languages and are supported by a blog, teacher forum and videos. An international challenge activity takes place in January – March where additional special resources such as hook ups with astronauts and the international space station. Schools who register for the challenge will receive invitations to a range of additional space outreach activities.

The activities in this resource are designed for students aged 8 -14 but can be adapted to older and younger age groups. They can also be used for afterschool clubs and informal learning events.

The activities are organised into two main themes:

*Science Challenges relating to bone density, hydration and nutrition

*PE Challenges which look at the implications of living and working in a microgravity environment.

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Brian Egles

Where has the PE attachment gone?

HJepson (not verified)

Hi I am new to this and just wondered of there was an overview of PE activities to use within primary schools. I have scoured the site but attachments & links don't seem to work.