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The cre8ate maths project was a CPD initiative for Yorkshire and Humberside teachers of mathematics. It features resources applying maths to key areas of the economy focusing on functional mathematics skills for Key Stage Three students. The project was developed by the Centre for Science Education and the Mathematics Education Centre at Sheffield Hallam University and was funded by the regional development agency Yorkshire Forward.

Aims The structure of the resources matches the 12 priority work/industry sectors in Yorkshire and Humberside. Resources for each sector include activities that relate to the industrial or work related aspects of the context. The key characteristic of all the resources is that they link real and significant mathematical thinking with authentic real world applications.

Background The cre8ate project had a network of 18 schools across the region and teachers from these schools were involved in developing and trialling new curriculum materials at Key Stage Three. The project had a number of lead writers who worked with the teachers at brainstorming and feedback events. CPD for teachers in other schools in the region was run via Local Authorities who were encouraged to incorporate cre8ate maths into their regular workshop programme. In this context it is important to note that their materials are complementary to those of the Bowland Trust, and sometimes more accessible for many schools since they have less dependency on the availability of IT for whole classes. Furthermore the materials are designed to address (i) the functional maths agenda and (ii) the twelve employment sectors of Y&H. The programme of materials development was completed in March 2010 with around 60 themed units of curriculum work. All materials are free.

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Some great stuff on here


Absolutely brilliant and just what i was looking for. Saves me doing a lot of work creating something like this myself! Thank you very much

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