The Cre8ate maths project has provided a set of materials to support the teaching of mathematics in the context of digital design. The resources include Designing Logos, Maths in Art, Programming and Working with Photos, which will involve students in a variety of activities, allowing them to apply their mathematical knowledge in practical situations. Activities include, measuring, using software to design a logo, writing basic computer programs to draw shapes and investigating the mathematics in art.



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Designing Logos

In this activity from Cre8ate maths students are encouraged to experiment with different kinds of symmetry to create a suitable logo.

There is an exercise in using symmetrical properties to reproduce previously designed logos and this activity is complemented by Creating a logo, which gives students a free...

Cre8ate Maths: Digital Design - Programming

These Cre8ate maths activities are provided to introduce students to the fundamental processes involved in programming a computer. Students are given drawings, along with the Logo commands which have been used and, by...

Maths in Art

This resource from Cre8ate maths investigates the maths found in work by two artists. Both activities have an accessible starting point and both can be extended to provide a real challenge.

An artistic puzzle uses a...

Pixel Perfection

This investigation from Cre8ate maths involves students in finding the best size screen for a television. If you have a large flat screen and view a standard analogue or digital picture the individual pixels are visible if you are sitting too close to the screen. Working in small groups of 3 or 4, students measure...