This range of materials is provided by Cre8ate maths to support the teaching of mathematics in the context of architecture. Resources include Architect’s Skills, Bricks & Tiles, Building a Town, Rigid Structures and Tiling Patterns, giving students the opportunity to experience mathematical principles in practice and include topics such as investigating lines of weakness, creating nets of buildings, model making, bracing of structures, tessellation of polygons and symmetry.



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Bricks and Tiles

This activity from Cre8ate maths investigates the lines of horizontal and vertical weakness in walls. Initially students are shown four walls and have to identify the lines of weakness in them, before finding the smallest rectangular solution which has no lines of...

Building a Town

In Building a town, from Cre8ate maths, students are encouraged to consider the mathematical shapes which form the net of a building. Some simple models are shown and students could use these to construct their nets, before building the models themselves.


Rigid Structures

This activity from Cre8ate maths looks at the exciting mathematics connected with the regeneration going on in our cities. The three activities are based around the construction of rigid structures and provide opportunities for practical work and mathematical problem...

Tiling Patterns

Cre8ate maths provides these activities which investigate the tessellation of regular polygons and its application in construction. Initially students identify which regular polygons tessellate, providing the opportunity to discuss the interior angles of polygons and...