These cre8ate maths materials have been designed to teach mathematics at Key Stage Three, but can be used at Key Stage Two and Key Stage Four, in the context of food and drink. The resources include Boxes and Bottles, Going Bananas, Minimise or Supersize, Packaging and What’s In Your Bowl? The activities provide an opportunity for group work and experiments.



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Boxes and Bottles

Boxes and bottles come in all shapes and sizes. These Cre8ate maths activities explore some of the mathematics behind packaging decisions taken by manufacturers, they provide a platform for students to make conjectures and find efficient ways of recording results to justify claims they have made. In Boxing stock...

Going Bananas

In this Cre8ate maths topic students work out what a portion size looks like, find out whether they are eating enough fruit and vegetables and compare the costs of making and buying smoothies. In How much is in a portion, students estimate weights of fruit and vegetables then weigh each item and calculate their...

Minimise or Supersize

In this resource from Cre8ate maths, students critically compare nutritional measures and calculate their daily energy requirements. Initially students fill in the worksheet Can we eat what we like, to prompt a whole class discussion about the consequences of a bad diet. They then use the Sugar, salt and fat...


This topic explores flat designs which can be folded and used to package food and drink. These Cre8ate maths activities provide rich experience of visualising 3 dimensional shapes from 2 dimensional representations. In Four Chocolates and It Takes the Biscuit!, students will need to measure accurately and construct...