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Sci4Us Stem Sessions

All our experiments are centered around SALT!

Salt is found in almost everybody's kitchen because of the extra flavouring it gives to our food. But did you know that we could do some cool experiments involving salt?

Kitchen Chemistry - Cake Tower

Food and Science, what could be better?  In this activity, Xplore! Science Discovery Centre will show you how to make a nice fluffy cake in minutes using your microwave.  Learn the Science behind what ingredients do and why they do it.  Bring and adult for this one (not just for safety, they'll want some cake too...

Kitchen Chemistry - Bicarb & Vinegar

Bicarbonate of Soda and vinegar.  Two staples of home Science fun!  Xplore! Science Discovery Centre is here to explain the hardcore science behind this fun reaction, as well as some more fun experiments for you to try.  Let the fizzing begin!

Wild Bird's Cakes

We love food here at Xplore! Science Discovery Centre.  You know who else does?  Birds!  Use this sheet to help feed your feathered friends in the garden.  Included is a set of instructions and a recipe to create your very own bird feeder balls.


Lesson ideas for food, nutritian, food sources, reducing food waste and cultural food and social influences

Plan your own scheme of work - Jamble

2 different versions of editable schemes of work, supporting the quick planning of lessons.

Christmas ice cream

Here are the instructions for the 12th Challenge in the Series run by Team STEAM#99 (@Fulford School York).

Each team will need 1/2 a cup of cream, a large ice cream tub with hole cut in lid (to house cream cup) ice, salt, range...

Snacks, snakes and ladders

This resource looks at food, nutrition and healthy eating and links to the topic of animals, including humans. This game is based on the popular game of Snakes and Ladders, but with the difference that when you land on a healthy snack you climb up and when you land on not-so-healthy snack you slide down. Special...

Food for thought: food science

Aimed at Key Stages One and Two, the ten activities in this pack relate to food science. They look at the topics of keeping healthy, a balanced diet, digestion, teeth and eating, solids, liquids and gases and irreversible reactions. Designed to demonstrate key ideas and concepts and to spark an interest in science...

How Do You Like Your Toast?

One of the units from the Nuffield Primary Solutions in Design and Technology. In this unit, students write a specification for toast that meets the identified preferences of a particular person. They then make a serving of toast to that specification. The task can be widened to include the development of a...


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