Food for thought: food science

Aimed at Key Stages One and Two, the ten activities in this pack relate to food science. They look at the topics of keeping healthy, a balanced diet, digestion, teeth and eating, solids, liquids and gases and irreversible reactions. Designed to demonstrate key ideas and concepts and to spark an interest in science, the resources could be used in class or within a science week or club. They include: identifying the edible parts of plants, investigating the fat content in foods, exploring solids which behave like liquids and making sherbet. Teachers' notes include concise summaries of the science involved in the investigations and provide suggestions for extension including; longer term projects such as: growing cress, investigating growth of mould on bread, food miles, growing crystals and using dyes from foodstuffs. A Welsh language version of the pack, Hwyl Bwyd, is also available to download, which provides a Welsh student section. This resource is part of the British Science Association’s National Science & Engineering Week activity pack series.

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