Design and Technology in the Primary Curriculum: Nuffield Approach

These materials, from the Nuffield Foundation, contain a wealth of ideas and practical advice on the delivery of design and technology in the primary curriculum. Each of the resources includes extensive teacher guidance as well as chidlren's stimulus materials.

The materials cover a range of topics in which children undertake design and make challenges. These include:

[b]Designing and Making with Food at Key Stage One[/b]
Children investigate making toast to customers' specifications.

[b]Designing and Building Software at Key Stage One[/b]
Children work in teams to produce a multimedia presentation to tell a story.

[b]Products and Applications at Key Stage Two[/b]
By investigating paper carrier bags, children consider product design, testing, production and use.

[b]Computers Helping with Designing at Key Stage Two[/b]
Children use computer aided design software to produce the design for a vehicle.

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