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Decarbonisation Game

This resource from Siemens consists of an interactive online game and some curriculum linked extension resources.  The activities inform students, aged 11 to 16, about various features of the climate crisis and then challenges them to draw all the information together to form an overall view. 

In the game students explore the fictional Planet X and discover why its climate is so unstable.  Players collect tokens representing a source of carbon or impact of climate change, which they use to complete a planet report stating what they have observed and what they think has happened on Planet X.

Decarbonisation game

The teacher guidance gives ideas on how to use the game with students and then has resources that can be used to promote further learning based around different areas of the curriculum.  Topics include:

  • How is the climate crisis seen in various parts of the world?
  • How can better engineering meet the challenges of the climate crisis?
  • Developing a carbon action plan

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