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A Peep Inside (14-16)

In these activities, from Siemens, students identify the importance of medical imaging in diagnosis and consider the advantages offered by MRI scans. They then apply their knowledge of wave and particle physics to explain the operation of an MRI scanner.

Blowing in the Wind (11-14)

This resource, from Siemens UK, looks at the use of wind farms to provide sustainable energy for a range of communities in a variety of settings. The selection of a New Zealand context is significant as Maori communities see themselves as being responsible for effective stewardship of the land for future...

Build a wind turbine

This activity links to aspects of energy production and electricity, giving pupils the opportunity to follow instructions to create their own wind turbines. This activity could be included in a lesson focusing on how wind turbines are one of many methods used to produce a sustainable energy source.

Clean Silent Trains

This resource provided by Siemens, aimed at primary learners, looks at how science, technology and engineering has shaped the way we live. It is divided into four activities which link to aspects of the technology, science and mathematics curriculum.

  • The power of steam - The first part...

Decarbonisation Game

This resource from Siemens consists of an interactive online game and some curriculum linked extension resources.  The activities inform students, aged 11 to 16, about various features of the climate crisis and then challenges them to draw all the information together to form an overall view. 

In the game...

Designing the future

Designing the Future from Siemens is a set of activities which help students to discover the manufacturing process and how digitalisation is making factories smarter.

This resource includes an online interactive game which allows pupils to explore a smart factory highlighting the different areas in the...

Digital industries

This set of three mini-interactive online games from Siemens explore a variety of digital industries:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Twins


Dress the site worker

This interactive online game is designed for pupils aged 7 to 11  to develop their understanding of the different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) and its importance in keeping workers safe.  It is linked to the different job roles in a fictitious power station.


Energy farm

This interactive online game from Siemens introduces students to the opportunities and challenges presented by different energy technologies. Students are required to implement an energy system that meets the demand to run a farm whilst minimising the cost and environmental impact. 


Energy Island

This resource from Siemens consists of a series of lessons based around a cross curriculum interactive online game designed for KS3 and KS4 students to develop knowledge across mathematics, science and technology. Students are required to select an energy plan for the energy island from several technologies. As...


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