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Investigating the Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic Food

In this investigation, students learn about carrying out a fair test, by running a blind trial of organic and non-organic herbs to see if they can identify any differences in taste. The investigation is put into a STEM careers context through an initial case study of James Seymour, a scientist who works as a Product Manager for a company growing herbs for major shops and supermarkets

Students consider how they can carry out a fair test into the taste of plants produced under different conditions. They compare plant samples for their taste and record their results, using a blind trial. The worksheet can be used for a brainstorm and short discussion or for a longer lead in to a lengthier class discussion of those factors which affect the saleability and profitability of crops.

This resource includes full teachers' notes, foundation, higher, extension and plenary activities, a case study, a students' worksheet and technical notes for the practical.

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