National Careers Week - 4th to 9th March 2024

This collection offers a selection of videos and career profiles to highlight the breath of STEM careers available. Some of the resources include experiments and classroom activities linked to the career theme, such as the Brian Cox school experiment resources.  

Further career profiles may also be found for biology, chemistry, physics and careers in space here.

Catalyst Magazine and Catalyst Magazine Live!

For further reading around careers for students, Catalyst Magazine is a free digital science journal for 14 to 19 year olds. Written by academics, scientists, engineers, and educators to illustrate scientific research and industrial developments from STEM professionals across the country, Catalyst Magazine brings STEM subjects to life, showcasing real world topics, issues, and solutions. As well as the online magazine, Catalyst Magazine Live! offers free webinars for young people and their educators to discuss the scientific research and development carried out by Catalyst Magazine contributors. Each webinar will afford young people an in-depth learning experience on topics related to their curricular studies and insight into related careers.



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This collection of videos from the Royal Academy of Engineering showcase the exciting range of work that Engineers are involved in.

"From the shoes you wear and the phone in your hand, through to the music you listen to and the games you play, engineering is at the heart of everything. It brings ideas to...

The iCould careers collection provides invaluable insight into what is possible in work...

Where STEM Can Take You

Produced by Rolls-Royce, this series of case studies illustrates the wide range of career opportunities that are opened up for students with skills in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. They can be used to give careers advice and guidance to students as well as to illustrate the curriculum principles...

This collection aims to support teachers in the delivery of career-focussed lessons, particularly looking at green careers and how a STEM background makes positive innovation possible. Resources include both job- and subject-specific information packs, real-life careers case studies, practical experiments, and...