National Careers Week - 4th to 9th March 2024

This collection offers a selection of videos and career profiles to highlight the breath of STEM careers available. Some of the resources include experiments and classroom activities linked to the career theme, such as the Brian Cox school experiment resources.  

Further career profiles may also be found for biology, chemistry, physics and careers in space here.

Catalyst Magazine and Catalyst Magazine Live!

For further reading around careers for students, Catalyst Magazine is a free digital science journal for 14 to 19 year olds. Written by academics, scientists, engineers, and educators to illustrate scientific research and industrial developments from STEM professionals across the country, Catalyst Magazine brings STEM subjects to life, showcasing real world topics, issues, and solutions. As well as the online magazine, Catalyst Magazine Live! offers free webinars for young people and their educators to discuss the scientific research and development carried out by Catalyst Magazine contributors. Each webinar will afford young people an in-depth learning experience on topics related to their curricular studies and insight into related careers.



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This collection from Lantra highlights the many varying careers in the land-based & environmental sector. From groundsman at a premier football ground to owning your own floristry shop, running your own farm or caring for animals, there is plenty to choose from. This collection helps students discover the right...

Inspiring Scientists is a series of resources to help develop students’ understanding and awareness of science and the diversity of scientists. The resources showcase the life stories of British scientists with minority ethnic heritage and covers issues such as being a minority in science, influences in their...

Why science is for me video and poster

It is important that young people think science is for them, even if they do not want to follow a "science" career.

The study of science is not just for the gifted and more able students who want a scientific career, but it is relevant to everyone for their future decision making and information processing...

Why a career in science is for me video and poster

How do you encourage those students who really do like science but cannot see themselves in a science-based career?

Many students struggle to think of more than a handful of scientific careers so this new careers video and poster from the Royal Society, aimed at students aged 11 to 16, aims to demonstrate...