The iCould careers collection provides invaluable insight into what is possible in work and offers different ways for students to think about careers. The collection hosts short career videos, showcasing real-life storytellers and providing an inside view of their current job and a personal account of how they got there. 

The videos can be a useful resource for teachers to help bring careers to life as part of a lesson. They can also be used by STEM Ambassadors running sessions in school and at STEM Clubs.




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Fisheries technical officer

In this video, Matt describes how he became a fisheries technical officer for the Environment Agency. His job is to monitor river habitats and fish populations, including improving the habitat and restocking fish after any pollution incidents.

The video could be used to introduce units of work including...

Molecular geneticist

In this video Helen describes how she became a trainee molecular geneticist at Addenbrookes hospital.  The video could be used to introduce a lesson on  cystic fibrosis, genes, genetic testing,...

Temperate horticultural curator

Robert is a temperate horticultural curator at the Eden Project.  Curriculum links could include biodiversity, human impact on the environmental science, photosynthesis, limiting factors, plants, ecosystems, biomes, nutrient cycling, habitats, interdependence....


Deagan is an entomologist for the Forestry Commission, and has travelled the world as part of his job.

Curriculum links include classification, climate change, biodiversity, species, taxonomy, ecosystems, rainforests

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