This collection provides students with information on the range of careers accessible with a STEM background. Both job-specific and general subject resources are included in this selection.



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From idea to career

A guide to 12 different engineering disciplines showing different pathways into engineering, to support students with their career decision-making.

Engineering is a diverse, wide-reaching sector and it can be hard to decide which of the many areas to pursue. In this booklet you will find an overview of...

STEM Choices: Industry Focus

This set of four profiles of UK industries give an overview of each one and is designed for students to gain an insight into careers available to people who have studied STEM subjects. The industries featured are the nuclear power, pharmaceutical, renewable energy and maritime industry.

Each profile includes...

Preserving Britain's Coastlines

This Mathematics Matters case study looks at the serious problem of coastal erosion. Much of the UK’s coastline is undergoing erosion, placing homes, businesses and other important coastal sites at risk. Mathematical modelling can enable us to understand both the short and long term processes that lead to erosion,...

Danger: Rogue Waves

This Mathematics Matters case study, from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, looks at how mathematical models try to understand the causes of rogue waves. These huge waves appear without warning, towering high over ships and oil rigs. Traditional mathematical models could not predict the occurrence...